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Read articles from experienced drivers about proper driving procedures and techniques, the rules of the road, insights into testing methods, and tips on how to get your license in no time.
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What to Expect at Drivers Ed Class
Driving practiceWhat to Expect at Drivers Ed ClassFor a new driver still learning the rules of the road, taking drivers ed classes can be extremely valuable. With guidance from a professional, friendly driving instructor, a student driver is more likely to feel at ease. In turn, investing in drivers ed can help a novice driver internalize crucial safe driving skills. If you are new to driving, you might be wondering what to expect at drivers ed class. Driven2Drive is here to answer some commonly asked questions about what drivers ed entails. What to Expect at Drivers Ed Class With Driven2Drive Students who come to Driven2Drive for driving lessons can anticipate a highly educational yet enjoyable experience. Here are a few important things to know: What should I bring? Be sure to arrive at your driving session with your PA driver’s permit, dressed in comfortable clothing. You may also wish to bring along a bottle of water to stay hydrated while you drive. Will I drive a manual or automatic vehicle? That’s up to you! Driven2Drive offers courses on both types of driving, although we recommend manual transmission driving lessons for every student. Either way, you’ll work on developing safe driving skills in one of our clean & well-maintained MINI Coopers. Can I take my test with Driven2Drive? Absolutely! We are a PennDOT-certified third-party testing center, which means you can take your permit or license test at any of our six convenient locations throughout Greater Philadelphia. Many of our packages include a road test examination already – or, you can add this service on! What if I’m not ready to drive? It’s totally normal to be nervous about getting behind the wheel. If you’re not quite at the point where you feel comfortable driving, you can take our drivers ed theory course or schedule a permit prep session to help you get fully prepared. What Are Students Saying About Driven2Drive? Hopefully, the information above has given you a clear idea of what to expect at drivers ed class. Here at Driven2Drive, we’ve helped hundreds of students achieve their goal of becoming a safe driver and getting licensed. Here’s what Vaughn M. had to say about us: “I went to this school being terrified of making turns and parking, but all that changed when I enrolled here. The quality they provide is unmatched. I’ve been to three driving schools, and guess what… I GOT MY LICENSE at Driven2Drive!!!! Special thanks to my instructor Brian and my proctor Abby – THEY ARE THE BEST!!!” As you can see, we are dedicated to making sure every driving student feels comfortable and confident so they can succeed behind the wheel. If you are ready to get on the road, call Driven2Drive at 610-664-7400 to get scheduled in as little as two days!
Where Can I Take My Road Test in PA?
Practical driving testWhere Can I Take My Road Test in PA?Getting your license in Pennsylvania involves several steps. You must first pass your written learner’s permit test to start practicing driving. Then, once you’ve had plenty of behind-the-wheel experience and you feel confident in your mastery of safe driving techniques, you can schedule your road test. If you’re eager to get licensed, you may be wondering: Where can I take my road test in the Greater Philadelphia area? Students have two options – go to PennDOT, or take their road test at an authorized third-party license testing center like Driven2Drive. Keep reading to find out why coming to us is an all-around better option. DMV Road Tests in PA Remember that you'll need to make an appointment at a DMV in your county, and the waiting time at DMV centers is often long. It has to be the same DMV as you had your other tests and, although it's not mandatory, PennDOT encourages drivers to schedule their driver's test the day they get their (learner's) permit so it can be printed on the back of the permit. 3rd-Party Testing Centers vs. DMV When wondering where you can take your road test, students often do not realize that it’s possible to get licensed without stepping foot inside the DMV. Understandably, many are relieved to find out that an easier, more convenient, and stress-free option is available. There are several certified 3rd party testing centers on offer in Pennsylvania. There is no difference in the testing process whatsoever; you will be tested by a certified professional in the same manner as you would at a DMV center. The third-party road tests use the official DC DMV road test routes and the same scoring sheet. Here's some more info on the Third Party Driving Test. Pros of 3rd-Party Testing Centers When looking at the pros and cons of doing your test at a 3rd party center, there are really no cons, and the pros include the fact that you'll probably get an appointment sooner. Driven2Drive simplifies and streamlines the process of getting licensed in PA in the following ways: Flexible and fast scheduling, with testing time slots generally available in as little as two daysPersonalized guidance from friendly, experienced, bilingual examinersSix convenient locations throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding countiesExtended testing hours at all of our locationsUnwavering dedication to customer service, safety, and objectivity In addition to highly convenient permit and license testing, Driven2Drive also offers comprehensive automatic and manual transmission driving lessons in our state-of-the-art MINI Coopers. Our team is here to help you get the experience you need to become a safe driver and gain independence by achieving your license. Road Tests in PA There are two types of road tests you can do, namely automatic or manual/stick shift. Keep in mind that passing an automatic transmission test only qualifies you to drive automatic cars, whereas passing a manual transmission test makes you legally eligible to drive both. What to Bring to Your Test The valid driver’s license of the person accompanying you whose car you're usingYour valid learner's permitIf you're a minor, you must bring a filled-in and signed Parent or Guardian Certification Form DL-180C and DL-180TDAn original and valid insurance card for the vehicleAn original and valid registration card for the vehicle (bill of sale is not valid) Remember, the center doesn't accept photocopies. Passing Your Road Test in PA: What to Expect Both the automatic and the manual Penndot driving tests consist of two parts, namely a yard test and road test and road test. In the yard test, you'll need to show that your vehicle is roadworthy and fully functional by operating various parts (e.g., the signal indicator) and prove that you know how to use these (you will be asked to turn on hazard lights, etc.). Then you'll be tested on parallel parking and other similar maneuvres before heading out for the road test, where you'll be examined on: Safe driving proceduresTurnsControl of the vehicleComfortable use of the gears and clutch (in a manual car driver's test)Interactions with traffic lights and other driversAnd more Make sure to take a good look at this fully comprehensive list of what to expect in your driving test if you're planning to go for a Philadelphia driver's license test. Use this knowledge to prepare adequately. We'd also like to help by providing you with this list of how to prep for your driving test and this guide for acing your parallel parking test. Road Test Near Me: Driven2Drive Proud to be the first PennDOT-certified third-party license testing center in Pennsylvania, Driven2Drive has helped hundreds of students get licensed – all in a fast, safe, and fun manner While the DMV is experiencing longer than normal wait times, we are still working on getting all of our students scheduled as quickly as possible. Whether you’re ready to take your road test or you’re interested in driving lessons, count on Driven2Drive to provide customer-driven service of the highest quality. We even have offers for same day driving tests near you! To learn more about us and our schedule, reach out today at 610-664-7400. If you follow all the steps correctly - bringing the right documentation, making sure your vehicle is roadworthy, and getting expert training from a PA driver's exam center or PennDOT road test 3rd-party - there's no reason why you won't do excellently in your driver's test. Make sure to get plenty of practice, and we hope to see you at Driven2Drive soon. We have also provided information you can use, should you ever need to reschedule your driving test in PA.
What to Know About Driving in Hot Weather
Driving practiceWhat to Know About Driving in Hot WeatherNeedless to say, the Philadelphia area is a hot place to be during summer. When you venture out into the heat, it’s important to know how to keep yourself safe. Just as staying hydrated is key, maintaining your vehicle is also crucial during summer. Here are some smart tips for driving in hot weather, courtesy of your friends at Driven2Drive. What to Know About Driving in Hot Weather Extreme heat and humidity can take a toll on a vehicle. To avoid issues, it’s wise to anticipate and plan accordingly for the ways in which hot weather could affect your car. To prepare for driving in hot weather, we suggest that you: Check your tire pressure regularly – When temperatures rise, tires expand. To avoid a tire blowout, it’s important to monitor your tire pressure throughout the summer to make sure it remains at the proper level. Taking well-maintained highways instead of side roads in the summer can also make a tire blowout less likely. Check your fluids – Be proactive about checking the fluid levels in your vehicle, including coolant/antifreeze, motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power-steering fluid.Schedule an inspection – Summer is a great time to have your vehicle inspected. A professional should check the condition of your vehicle’s battery, belts and hoses and air conditioning system to make sure everything is in good working order. Heat can cause cracking and blistering to some of these parts, and summer heat can be very hard on an old battery.Invest in a windshield sun shade – A heat shade will help keep your vehicle’s interior from becoming uncomfortably hot while it’s parked. This simple accessory will save you from having to crank up the A/C to cool down your car. Plus, it will prevent surfaces from getting hot enough to burn you or your passengers.Assemble an emergency kit – In case your vehicle breaks down on a scorching hot day – or anytime – it’s essential to have an emergency kit on hand. A few key items to include: jumper cables, water, nonperishable food items, first aid supplies and road flares. Hopefully, you’ve learned something useful by reading our guidelines for driving in hot weather. Unlock Your Driving Potential This Summer at Driven2Drive Is getting your license or learning to drive on your summer to-do list? Driven2Drive is your one-stop destination for driving lessons and convenient permit/license testing. With 6 locations throughout Greater Philadelphia and Chester, Delaware & Montgomery Counties, our mission is to help students develop safe driving habits and get licensed in a comfortable, stress-free environment. We’re a PennDOT-certified third-party testing center, which means you can skip the long wait times at the DMV and come to us for all of your drivers education & examination needs! To learn more about our services or schedule with one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members, call 610-664-7400. We can’t wait to show you what makes us the top student-preferred driving school!
Driver's Ed in Montgomery County: Testing and Classes
Driver's licenseDriver's Ed in Montgomery County: Testing and ClassesLearning to drive and getting your driver's license doesn’t have to be a stressful process. In fact, at Driven2Drive, we believe that practising and mastering safe driving techniques should be a positive and enjoyable experience, from start to finish. We have a Montgomery County driving school, offering highly interactive driver's education and testing as we do all over Pennsylvania. Read on to learn more about our services and what sets us apart from other driving schools in the area. Do You Need Driver’s Ed to Get a Montgomery County Driver’s License? Every learner driver needs the basic knowledge about how to drive safely and behave as a law-abiding motorist on public roads. In PA Driver's Education is provided to new learner drivers at all Driven2Drive driving schools, in the Core Curriculum classes. These classes are the first part of a successful learning experience leading to a driver's license - including a Montgomery County driver's license. Is There a Bilingual Driving School in Montgomery County Near Me? Learner drivers need to feel secure and confident in their understanding. That's why Driven2Drive offers bilingual driver's education, and tuition in driving skills from bilingual instructors (English and Spanish). You can learn to drive in your home language! Find a bilingual D2D centre here. Does D2D Offer Driver’s Education Classes in Montgomery? In Montgomery County you can find a D2D driving school, to get you started with a driver's education course. This is part of our core curriculum. Then you can move on to focusing on getting your Learner's Permit to enable you to go out onto the road to practice your driving skills. When you book lessons with our instructors to learn a range of driving techniques, your skills and confidence will increase. And finally, when you can control the vehicle confidently on the road, you can book a road test at a D2D testing center, in Montgomery County. With your driver's license in hand, you can choose to improve your defensive driving skills, by attending a course in Defensive Driving at D2D. This increases your safety and gets you a discount on your car insurance. These steps and services are described below: Permit Prep – We offer engaging, in-depth permit prep sessions to help students feel confident in their understanding of roadway rules and driving techniques. The Driver's Ed in the Core Curriculum is part of this first step of learning. At Montgomery County D2D Driving school, this preparation gives you the essential confidence to pass the learner's permit test. You can then begin to practice your driving.Core Curriculum – Over the course of three 2-hour sessions, our core curriculum of Driver's Ed teaches you how to be a safe and effective driver. Skills emphasized include highway driving, lane balance, parallel parking, and much more – with the option to complete your driver's license road test following the last session. Taking this course fulfills the necessary requirements for a student to receive an insurance savings certificate.Road Testing – As a PennDOT-certified third-party testing center, Driven2Drive in Montgomery County can help you get your license whenever you’re ready – without the hassle of waiting around at the DMV. Our highly qualified instructors strive to make the experience as comfortable and convenient as possible for our students, with flexible scheduling, personalized attention, and no waiting in line. Defensive driving - To build on your skills in managing a vehicle under difficult conditions, and to learn how to avoid an accident when other drivers are making mistakes, sign up for a defensive driving course at D2D. Completing this course can help keep you and your car safe, and qualifies you for a discount on your car insurance. The friendly driving tutors at Driven2Drive are student-focused, giving you a hassle-free track to becoming a confident, licensed driver. Are there Driven2Drive services in Horsham, Oaks, and Bala Cynwyd? In Montgomery County, Driven2Drive offers driving tuition in Horsham, Oaks, and Bala Cynwyd. Find these local driving schools near me by checking out Driven2Drive services. We’re Open – Schedule With Us Today! Whether you’re ready to take your road test or you’re seeking one-on-one driving lessons, Driven2Drive is here to meet your needs. We are excited to announce that we reopened all six of our locations for testing as well as lessons, with stringent safety measures in place to protect our students and staff against Covid. While PennDOT locations may be backlogged for up to 18 months, we are committed to scheduling all of our customers as soon as possible. If you’re eager to get licensed or to get on the road, give us a call today at 610-664-7400.
How to Schedule a PENNDOT Driving Test During COVID-19 With Driven2Drive
Practical driving testHow to Schedule a PENNDOT Driving Test During COVID-19 With Driven2DriveIn response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had to make adjustments and adapt to the “new normal.” Here at Driven2Drive, we’ve jumped into action and taken every possible precaution to keep our team and students safe. Still, we remain committed to serving our valued customers. We are now open and offering testing services at all of our locations, including Bala Cynwyd, West Chester, Oaks, Horsham, Brookhaven, and NE Philadelphia. We understand that getting licensed can be a pressing need for many, and we want to be here for students seeking to schedule a PennDOT driving test during this time. Can’t Schedule a PennDOT Driving Test? Driven2Drive Is Open! Throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, PennDOT driver’s license centers are no longer scheduling road tests at this time. Since PennDOT had to cancel thousands of tests when quarantine began, they will now have a backlog of up to 18 months when testing reopens. Even under normal circumstances, you can expect to wait weeks to months to be able to take your test with PennDOT. If you don’t have the luxury of being able to wait to get your license, rest assured that you can come take your test on the same day– safely and comfortably, – at Driven2Drive. Here is what you can expect when you schedule your road test with us: Testing in a Clean and Sanitary MINI Cooper As always, we are disinfecting all high-touch surfaces after each road test and having our MINIs washed and detailed regularly. Our housekeeping team works hard to keep our testing centers and vehicles as clean and sanitary as possible. In addition, our instructors and examiners are wearing masks for everyone’s safety. Customers are also required to wear a mask, or they will forfeit their appointment. We have high-quality custom Driven2Drive masks available for sale ($15) for customers who forget to bring one. Guidance From a Friendly and Experienced Instructor Driven2Drive is the first PennDOT-certified third-party testing center in PA. Thus, students can feel confident in their choice to schedule PennDOT driving tests with us. Our team members provide a personalized experience to make our students feel comfortable and confident while prioritizing objectivity and safety. Services That Work for Your Schedule With far more flexibility and convenience than the DMV, Driven2Drive offers the fastest way to get your license. We’ve extended our testing hours to make sure we can fulfill the needs of all our students. Just as we are dedicated to promoting safe driving practices, Driven2Drive puts the health and safety of our staff and students above all else. Can You Drive an Automatic for Your Test? Driving an automatic transmission car is allowed during your road test, but we strongly advise against it. Passing your driver's exam with an automatic car may get you your license, but it'll come with a restriction that prohibits you from driving anything other than an automatic transmission. However, passing with a stick shift will allow you to drive manual and automatic transmission cars. This is just one of the many benefits of stick shift driving. How to Schedule Your Driver's Test With Driven2Drive It's important to understand that the Driver's test isn't a simple first-come-first-serve scenario; you need to schedule a date and time with us in order to be eligible. Thankfully, our scheduling process is super easy and can be completed online by following the simple steps listed below: Navigate to our contact page Choose a location closest to you We offer testing in Bala Cynwyd, Brookhaven, Horsham, Northeast Philadelphia, Oaks, and West Chester. Submit a request Either use our handy "get in touch" form by selecting "Road Test" from the "Inquiring About" drop-down window, filling in your details, and clicking submit or getting in contact directly by calling the number or emailing the address listed for your chosen area. Wait for a response After submitting your request, we'll get in touch as soon as possible to schedule your road test in as little as two days! Times may take longer during periods of COVID regulations. Available Testing Hours Being a third-party testing site, Driven2Drive is not obligated to follow the same testing hours as PennDOT centers. Our open-close times may vary slightly depending on the season, but we are open every day from the following times: Monday-Thursday 7 am - 7 pm Friday 7 am - 6 pm Saturday and Sunday 8 am - 7 pm What to Bring to Your PA Driving Test One of the most important aspects of the driver's test is what you have to bring to be eligible to take the test. Here's what you'll need: Your valid learner's permitIf you are under 18, your Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C)Proof of vehicle registration and insurance Note: Taking your test with us allows you to use one of our clean and sanitary MINI Coopers that are already licensed and insured to take a little extra stress off your shoulders.If someone has given you a lift to one of our centers, their valid driver's licenseApplicable feeA mask! Please ensure that the documents listed above are the originals and not copies. Reach Out to Schedule Your Driving Test Now We greatly look forward to the day when we can safely get back out on the road with our students for driving classes. While we are currently prioritizing testing, we will be offering lessons starting June 15. In the meantime, if you need to take your road test, Driven2Drive is here to help you get it done. If you’re ready to schedule your license test, give us a call today at 610-664-7400. Worried about the upcoming test? Read our 6 Tips for Passing the Pennsylvania Driver’s Test.
Driver's Ed Philadelphia: Classes, Testing, & More
Driver's licenseDriver's Ed Philadelphia: Classes, Testing, & MoreGetting your driver’s license opens the door to a world of new and exciting opportunities, but before venturing out on your own, it’s vital to learn how to drive in a manner that prioritizes accident prevention and safety. When seeking the premier provider of driver's ed, Philadelphia driving students of all ages and experience levels look to Driven2Drive. Why Take Driver’s Ed Classes? 1. It’s the Most Effective Way to Get Your License Taking professional driver's classes is the simplest, fastest, and easiest way to get yourself prepared for your driver's license tests. The instructors have extensive experience, numerous excellent tricks and tips, and are good at keeping you calm, focused, and practicing. 2. You Have Someone to Be Accountable to for Regular Practice Some people find the rules of the road boring to learn or struggle with motivation. By having regular lessons, you are not only getting the knowledge you need but also recapping the rules over and over again and reaping the benefits of having someone to be accountable to: someone to check that you've been practicing at home. 3. Decreased Chance of Accidents Lowers Insurance Premiums Driving instructors will teach you how to avoid accidents using defensive driving techniques and other tools. When you've been driving for a few years without accidents as a result, your insurance company can offer you lower premiums. The result? it's absolutely worth it! What Does Driver's Ed Entail? Driven2Drive offers several different packages, which may include the following, depending on the package: Driver's Ed Theory Driver's Ed Classroom CourseTwo-hour driving lesson sessions, one-on-one with a certified instructor (number of lessons dependent on the package you choose)Safe driving techniques 20 Hours Behind the Wheel Certificate of Completion for insurance companiesHighway and Night-Time Driving Find the perfect package for you here. Different Phases of Obtaining Your Driver’s License The Driver's Ed course is in two phases, namely a theoretical course and written test, and then a practical road test. How Long Does Driver’s Ed Take To Complete? The state of Pennsylvania requires at least 30 hours of instruction, but you can work at your own pace, taking as much time as you'd like, and can even add extra hours if you want to. Driver's Ed Philadelphia: Classes, Testing & More At Driven2Drive, our highly qualified instructors are committed to teaching the principles of defensive driving and safe driving techniques to stick for life. We offer several different packages to meet the needs of each and every student. Whether you choose to take a single two-hour driving lesson or multiple sessions, you can rest assured that we will make you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. Once you feel ready to take your road test, we’ll help you conquer that, too! Driven2Drive is the first PennDOT Certified Third Party Driver’s License Testing Center in PA. When you opt to take your test with us, we guarantee that your experience will be positive. You’ll complete your test in one of our MINI Coopers, with an instructor who makes you feel at ease while setting you up for success. The safety and satisfaction of our students is our top priority. Thus, our testing philosophy is based on the following principles: Ethics and integrityObjectivity and fairnessCustomer service Where does Driven2Drive offer Driver's Ed Classes? Driven2Drive has centers at Bala Cynwyd, West Chester, Oaks, Horsham, Brookhaven, and Northeast Philadelphia. Find out more about the Montgomery branch here. What Are Students Saying About Driven2Drive? Learning to drive safely is absolutely crucial—to protect yourself and everyone else on the road. Thus, you want to make sure you choose an experienced instructor for driver's Ed in Philadelphia. This testimonial from Joseph A. demonstrates why you can confident in selecting Driven2Drive for driving lessons and testing: I’m a very late bloomer on getting my license. The instructor, he was amazing. My nerves were shot and he made me feel comfortable – was still a little nervous, but again thanks to him, a much lesser level than I would have been. Everyone was very serious about what they do, however it was in a very laid-back, go-with-the-flow way if that makes any sense. This place is amazing and I for sure will recommend them to anyone. It was worth every penny I paid for their services. If there is a standard on how to do things, this company far exceeded the expectations. Thank you, Driven2Drive. Driver's Ed Philadelphia: Let Us Help Steer You to Safe Driving While many PennDOT locations in and around Philadelphia remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Driven2Drive is still offering testing services at our Northeast Philadelphia location. We remain committed to serving you during this time, as we understand that getting licensed can be an urgent need for our students. While we eagerly await the day when we can safely reopen all of our locations, give us a call at 610-664-7400 or message us here to learn more about how our driving school can help you or your child master the art of safe driving. We look forward to hearing from you!
What Does Defensive Driving Mean?
Driving practiceWhat Does Defensive Driving Mean?Table of contents What is defensive driving? What does defensive driving mean?Benefits of defensive drivingWhat does a defensive driving course include?Learn Defensive Driving Skills With an Experienced Instructor From Driven2DriveSafe driving tips What Is Defensive Driving? Getting behind the wheel of a car is an indisputably risky activity. While it is impossible to control the actions of others on the road, the good news is there are many ways to mitigate hazards and reduce your risk of being involved in a collision. For instance, implementing defensive driving strategies can help you keep yourself and others safe on the road. What does defensive driving mean? This driving style employs techniques designed to help you remain aware of your surroundings, anticipate possible risks, and respond appropriately to hazards. Hundreds of students have learned effective defensive driving from expert Driven2Drive instructors. What Does Defensive Driving Mean? Now that we’ve answered the question in a broad sense, let’s take a closer look at some key principles of this safe driving approach: Constantly scanning your surroundings and checking your mirrors oftenMaintaining a calm demeanor and avoiding aggressive & distracted drivingMaximizing your visibility to others in the vicinity, including pedestrians and cyclistsJudging when it is safe to pass another vehicleUnderstanding and following traffic lawsLearning how to drive safely in different types of inclement weatherFamiliarizing yourself with your vehicle, including its typical stopping distance and any blind spots Ultimately, defensive driving means being cautious and proactive on the road to avoid accidents and, in turn, save time, money, and lives. Benefits of Defensive Driving Protect yourself from injury and death Protect the lives of others Save money on car repairs and maintenanceSave money on insuranceFeel more comfortable on the roadLearn how to handle extreme weather conditions, highways, and unexpected events Learn how to think quickly and react in a safe and calm way while driving What Does a Defensive Driving Course Include? One-on-one defensive driving courses include safe driving techniques, practice sessions, focused road test preparation, physical road tests, and more. Classes with our certified instructors prepare you for your test and for the road with skills such as observation, awareness, and monitoring of situations, the correct reaction in emergencies, mirror checks, safety checks, navigating difficult situations and conditions, and implementing the lawful rules of the road. Driven2Drive offers several different packages to suit your skill level and budget - choose the right one for you here and find a center near you here. Learn Defensive Driving Skills With an Experienced Instructor From Driven2Drive Roadway safety experts agree that driving in a defensive manner is a highly effective way to prevent motor vehicle collisions. Thus, defensive driving principles should be taught from the very beginning, as a student begins to learn the rules of the road. At Driven2Drive, our mission is to help our students develop the skills they need to drive safely and with confidence. Throughout all of our courses, we focus on defensive driving strategies that help prepare our students to handle any situation they might encounter on the road. Along with our outstanding customer service, our commitment to emphasizing safe driving practices makes us the top-rated choice for driving lessons and driver’s license testing in the Philly area. Reach out to us at (610) 664-7400, or search for a defensive driving school near you to learn more about our services and how we can help you get your license! Safe Driving Tips Before you drive, be prepared Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy (get a roadworthy certificate), is not overloaded, and stock up on snacks and liquids for long journeys to stay alert. Stay focused on the road Don’t allow distractions, don’t drive when sleepy or drunk, and stop every 2 hours for a break on long drives. Prepare for different situations Know how to drive in specific difficult situations (eg on icy roads) and obey the speed limit. Learn emergency techniques This includes handbrake and emergency stops, as well as hand signals. Scan ahead of you Remain aware of your surroundings - don’t expect others to drive as safely as you do. Try to predict risk Have strategies in mind for dangerous situations (for example, if you see a reckless, fast driver on the road, stay as far from them as possible or overtake safely). Address risks one at a time Don't get overwhelmed when faced with many risks, address the most dangerous one first. Communicate well Communicating with other drivers in advance (before you move) using hand signals or indicators when navigating through smaller areas and traffic. Don't change lanes recklessly When on the freeway, stay in a lane that’s safe for you; don’t change lanes too often. Don’t drive in another driver’s blind spot The corner between your side mirrors and the back window is a blind spot, make sure to not sit in another driver's blind spot for too long. Maintain distance When stopping behind another car at a traffic light or intersection, keep the length of half a vehicle in front of you, so that you can maneuver yourself away, in the event of a hijacking. Additionally, Use the 3- to 4-second rule or two-vehicle-rule for safe following distance. Always have an alternative route or an escape route We hope that this article has inspired you to be a better driver! Travel safe.
Defensive Driving School Near Me in the Philly Area
Driving practiceDefensive Driving School Near Me in the Philly AreaYou’ve probably heard the term “defensive driving” before, but you may not know exactly what it means. Basically, the goal of defensive driving is to minimize one’s risk of being involved in a collision by using strategies to anticipate and safely handle roadway hazards. Looking to enroll in a defensive driving school near you? Driven2Drive is a top-rated Philadelphia area driving school that teaches the principles of safe, defensive driving in a fun and interactive manner. What Is Defensive Driving? When we think about the terms “offense” and “defense” in their original sports-terms meaning, we are given clues to understanding what defensive driving is all about. Rather than making large and sudden movements, trying to get ahead of others, or being competitive, as one might in an “offensive” strategy, defensive driving provides a safer approach to the road by way of awareness, anticipation, and response. This is a tried, tested, and trusted method of driving that reduces the chance of collision. Defensive driving prioritizes safety and incorporates a sense of calm, as well as techniques such as mirror checks, visibility enhancement, careful judgment, weather adjustment, and more. For more info, read our post about Defensive Driving. The Importance of Taking Defensive Driving Classes 1. Stay on the right side of the law By taking a defensive driving course and therefore making sure you’re on the right side of the law, you won’t be fined or jailed in an accident. 2. Keep yourself safe You’ll drastically reduce your risk of injury or death. It's not yourself you have to worry about on the road, it's everyone else. 3. Save lives You’ll gain an enormous wealth of knowledge and skill by taking a defensive driving course and saving lives. These tactical courses are run by certified specialist instructors, who will train you in principles of safety, control of fear and emotions, quick reactions, emergency care, and more. You’ll reduce your risk of an accident significantly through learning how to handle highway driving, night driving, and driving in extreme weather. 4. Save money on repairs, car value, and insurance Fewer accidents means less maintenance on your vehicle, keeping the value of your car high for resale and saving you cash. If you hardly ever crash, you’ll also lower your insurance costs, saving you large amounts of money even further. Defensive Driving School Near Me: A Few Skills You’ll Learn From Us Learning how to drive defensively requires both knowledge and practice in proactively identifying and reacting to potential hazards on the road. Here are a few valuable skills you’ll learn when you take driving lessons with an experienced educator from Driven2Drive: Staying focused on the roadway and adapting to changing conditionsAdhering to right-of-way rulesMonitoring & maintaining appropriate vehicle speedJudging when it is safe to pass another vehicleSharing the road with cyclists and pedestriansMaintaining a safe following distance in varying weather conditionsResponding to a roadway emergencyAnd many more! Your instructor will help you prepare for your defensive driving knowledge test, with plenty of hands-on training, helping you learn this protective way of driving best. There are several locations to choose from - it’s easy to find a safe driving school in Philadelphia. Find a tactical, hands-on driving class near you and book a defensive driving course today. What Are Our Students Saying About Us? If you’ve been searching online for “the best defensive driving school near me,” you’ve definitely come to the right place! Check out what Elizabeth L. had to say about her driving lessons with one of our highly qualified instructors: I just got my license with Driven2Drive and had the best experience! My mom signed me up for five lessons and the road test. At first, I really dreaded the thought of driving school, but after the first lesson, I really felt good and couldn’t wait for my next lesson. I never thought I would end up loving my driving school and having such a good experience. They really cover a lot in each lesson and make sure you’re comfortable and confident before taking the test. My instructor Nicole was amazing. She was so patient and motivating. I will recommend you guys to everyone! As Elizabeth experienced, every Driven2Drive instructor is committed to helping you feel confident and at ease behind the wheel while equipping you with all the skills you need to be a safe driver. We are a leader in Driver’s Education, offering classes and fast road test scheduling as a PennDOT certified 3rd party testing center. We are committed to instilling safe driving habits in a fun and engaging way at our six Philly-area locations! To learn more about our course offerings, give us a call today at 610-664-7400.
Looking for a PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center?
Driver's licenseLooking for a PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center?Learning to drive shouldn’t be stressful. That’s why we’ll drive the extra mile to meet your needs! Driven2Drive is the first PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center in Pennsylvania, and the best choice for driving lessons and road tests in Greater Philadelphia. Scheduling your road test with us is much faster and easier than going through PennDOT, which has a long wait time for testing. Our team is ready to help you get your driver’s license quickly and easily. Why Choose a PENNDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center? In PA, your road test can be administered either by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation or by an authorized 3rd party. Driven2Drive is the first PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center in Pennsylvania! We have the most experience helping new drivers get their licenses. Here are just a few of the other reasons to take your road test with Driven2Drive: It’s faster. PennDOT is often backed up by six months or more. Trying to schedule your test at the DMV can mean a very long wait time. At Driven2Drive, it can take as little as two days to schedule your test. We make it our mission to help you take your test and get your license as quickly as possible.It’s easier. Scheduling your test with us is simpler than dealing with PennDOT. We’ll guide you right through it. All you have to do is show up at your chosen testing site.It’s flexible and convenient. We have extended testing hours and six convenient locations in Bala Cynwyd, West Chester, Oaks, Horsham, Brookhaven, and Northeast Philadelphia. That means it’s both faster AND more convenient to take your test with us. We also have friendly bilingual examiners and tests that are recorded for safety and objectivity. Driven2Drive is the quickest and easiest route to your new driver’s license. Driven2Drive Is the #1 Choice for Driving Classes and Road Tests Our approach to license testing is driven by these principles: ethics & integrity, objectivity & fairness, and customer service. Whether you are just learning how to drive or simply need to take your road test at a PennDOT Certified 3rd Party Testing Center, we are dedicated to providing a premier driving experience. Contact us today at any of our locations, or by calling (610) 664-7400. We look forward to helping you get your driver’s license!

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