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Bilingual Driving School Near Me: PA

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Updated December 8, 2022.

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Whether you speak English or Spanish as your first language, learning to drive and getting licensed in Pennsylvania doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking ordeal. In fact, the entire experience can actually be fun and stress-free if you partner with the right team of experts! At Driven2Drive, we pride ourselves on being the #1 choice for PA students seeking a bilingual driving school near them. At our six convenient locations throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, we offer immersive driving courses and road testing services in both English and Spanish.

Visit Our English/Spanish Bilingual Driving School in PA

Whether you’re just starting out on your driving journey or you’re at the point of feeling confident and prepared to take your license exam, Driven2Drive is your one-stop destination for new driver services.

Want more specifics on why so many PA students rate D2D as the best bilingual driving school near them? Check out this review from our student, Sivothayan S. It highlights several major perks of coming to us!

They are the best in the area. The staff is very friendly and very professional. Instructors are extremely nice, helpful, and well-experienced drivers. Scheduling the appointments for the lessons and the road test was super easy. They are extremely flexible with scheduling and the locations. I was able to reschedule one of my lessons with just one phone call. I did three lessons and the road test right after the last lesson. I highly recommend this place.”

It is hard to know where to find a driver’s ed course in Spanish or driving tutors who can speak Spanish when coaching a new learner driver on the essential driving skills. If you’re eager to take your road test, you can depend on Driven2Drive, because we offer flexible bilingual driver's license road test and driving lessons packages. Our premier PA driving school is staffed by accredited, bilingual instructors. They are dedicated to helping every student become a safe, confident, and well-rounded driver. You can create a time-limited package for exactly what you need and get tested without any extended wait time. In addition, we are proud to be Pennsylvania’s first PennDOT-authorized third-party permit and license testing center.

Au Pair Driving School

How do you get a job driving kids around as an au pair if you don't have a license yet? In the Philadelphia area, Driven2Drive offers short courses, including instruction, driving skills, testing, and specially created au pair driving lessons in Philadelphia.

Because there are many Spanish au pairs, D2D offers lessons with experienced bilingual instructors. Au pair driving lessons also focus on safety and training in driving an automatic vehicle rather than a manual one. This is especially useful if you are an international student or have been working as an au pair overseas, driving a manual vehicle. Also, it takes some driving practice on local roads to fully understand the PA road rules, which are quite specific.

Your Driven2Drive au pair driving lessons in Philadelphia are tailored to ensure your safety and confidence behind the wheel, taking into account an au pair's responsibility for young passengers.

Defensive Driving School

As explained above, Driven2Drive in PA understands the need for specialized instruction in the language of your choice. By choosing us as your driving school, you get the bilingual help to consolidate those special defensive driving skills with our #1 defensive driving course. Improve your safety and contribute to everyone's safety on the road by learning defensive driving with professional instructors.

Ready to get started? Call us at 610-664-7400 to arrange an appointment for lessons or testing at your preferred D2D location in as little as just two days! Alternatively, you can browse our list of defensive driving schools nearby.

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