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Stick Shift Driving Lessons in PA

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Updated December 8, 2022.

Stick Shift Driving Lessons Near Me

Do you want to learn how to drive a manual car? While automatic vehicles are more prevalent in the US, many people prefer manual transmission vehicles for work or everyday driving. Furthermore, stick shift driving lessons can boost driver skill and confidence, regardless of age or level of automatic driving experience. Driven2Drive in Pennsylvania highlights the major advantages of taking a stick shift driving course.

Why Learn How to Drive a Manual Vehicle?

For both professional driving roles and daily driving, stick shift vehicles offer extensive benefits, such as:

  • Increased vehicle control and performance In a manual car, you have far more control over your vehicle’s speed and handling than when driving an automatic car. This creates a safer, more interactive driving experience that promotes a greater understanding of how the vehicle works. Manual car driving lessons increase beginners' driving confidence. Qualified drivers also build up their driving skills with manual transmission training.
  • A significantly lowered chance of distracted driving Since operating a stick shift vehicle requires the use of both hands and feet, this way of driving makes it virtually impossible to text while on the road.
  • Boosted fuel efficiency Driving a stick shift offers the benefit of better fuel economy, which saves you money in the long run.
  • Broaden your horizons Knowing how to drive a manual car can be useful in an emergency or when renting a car abroad. Driving occupations often prefer candidates who can drive stick shifts.
  • Drive an automatic car with a manual license There are numerous benefits to stick shift driving, even if your car is automatic, including heightened awareness and increased levels of safety.

What Do You Learn in Stick Shift Driving Lessons?

The most important aspect of learning how to drive a manual car is getting accustomed to using the gears. After a few lessons, you should start feeling comfortable, and, hopefully, it will feel like second nature after a few weeks.

Here are the things that you'll be trained and tested on specifically for a manual driver's license test.

How to Use a Clutch


Downshifting means changing gears from a higher gear (higher number) to a lower gear. Higher gears are used for higher speeds on the freeway, while downshifting can help to slow the car if the brakes fail. For beginners, this is an essential basic skill.

Shifting down in gears can be trickier than shifting up, so our experienced instructors will give you tips to make this process feel easier. This skill will be tested naturally as part of your driving test.

Managing Turns

Usually, when a car needs to turn while in motion, it's necessary to downshift shortly before making the turn. If the car is in a gear that is too high for the slower speed needed for a turn, it can result in a grating of the gears, which is harmful to the gearbox and could lose you some points in the driver's license test. The car might stall, or you may lose control of it.

Learning how to manage turns in a manual car is essential to safe driving. While out on your driving test, you'll need to make several turns on the road to show the examiner your level of manual driving skill.

Starting on Hills

The art of clutch control is a huge component of manual driving and comes into play here. In order for the car not to roll backward, the driver must learn how to release the clutch slowly while gradually pressing the accelerator. Finding the right moment to lift your foot off the clutch can be a little challenging at first, but with the help of your manual driving instructor and lots of practice, you'll be starting smoothly on hills in no time.

This is usually part of the yard test and the road test.

Note: Allowing the car to roll backward is an instant fail in the test, so make sure to get enough practice with starting on hills.

Is Learning How to Drive Manual Hard?

While learning to drive a stick shift is a little trickier than an automatic, it's not as hard as many people imagine it to be. This is especially true with the help of an expert driving teacher with years of experience behind them—someone who can show you plenty of ways to make the process easier.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Stick Shift?

It's entirely possible to learn to drive stick shift in as little as two weeks.

Best Ways to Learn Manual Driving

What methods are best?

The following method is a good starting point:

  1. Turn the ignition until the engine starts.
  2. Press the clutch pedal down. (This is the pedal on the left.)
  3. Put the gear stick into first gear.
  4. Use your right foot to press down on the accelerator gently to increase the engine’s revs very slightly.
  5. Lift the clutch pedal using your left foot SLOWLY until it starts to vibrate gently.
  6. Release the handbrake, and the car should start to move slowly.
  7. Increase the revs while slowly raising your foot off the clutch until you are moving forward with only the accelerator pedal.

You will need the guidance of a professional driving instructor and plenty of practice with a license holder you trust.

What cars are best to learn stick shift in?

There are many cars that work well for beginner drivers. The manual Mini Cooper, which is supplied on request at Driven2Drive, is an excellent choice. Some of our other top choices include:

  • 2022 Honda Civic Si
  • Mk6 Ford Fiesta
  • Jeep Wrangler TJ
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Hyundai Veloster N
  • Volkswagen GTI
  • BMW M3 and M4

Where Can I Start Driving Lessons With D2D?

Driven2Drive has driving schools all over Pennsylvania, for example, in the town of Wayne or areas like Chester County, Upper Darby, and Montgomery County, all in PA. You can also learn to drive stick shift with Driven2Drive in the Greater Philly area.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you’re new to driving or simply want to add stick shift driving to your skillset, our certified instructors at Driven2Drive will teach you everything you need to know. We recommend that all of our students—particularly teens—learn how to operate a manual transmission vehicle to help them form lasting, safe driving habits.

Ready to feel empowered to drive a stick shift? Head over to our website or give us a call at 610-664-7400 to learn more about our manual transmission training courses and book manual driving lessons. Learn to drive a manual transmission car now and see for yourself why we rank as the #1 driving school in PA!

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