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2 Hour Driving Lessons Near Me For Teenagers

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Updated December 8, 2022.

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Driven2Drive boasts six locations in PA, namely Bala Cynwyd, West Chester, Oaks, Horsham, Brookhaven, and Northeast Philadelphia. Each of these fully licensed driving schools provide the same expert level of service that Driven2Drive is known for. Our patient, certified instructors will build your child's confidence with stick-shift and automatic classes, defensive driving courses, and excellent safety-first procedures.

What 2 Hour Lessons Can New Drivers Take?

A variety of lessons are on offer. Teenagers and parents can choose from our extensive range of packages and will find something suited to every need.

Parent-Supervised Driving Lessons

Our affordable driving school allows parent-supervised driving lessons for guardians who are feeling a little anxious, allowing you to see which areas your child may need more help in and giving you a reminder of the rules too. This allows for a smooth transition from the controlled Driven2Drive environment to your practice sessions on the road.

Patient Driving Instructors

We know how intimidating it can be to drive in front of someone while you're learning, and we want to assure you of our patience. Driven2Drive instructors are committed to making the learning process as easy, constructive, and enjoyable as possible.

Along with several certifications, all our highly-acclaimed instructors have university degrees in general and special education and participate in personal development workshops on an ongoing basis. They are known for being friendly and relatable.

Can Teenagers Take a Defensive Driving Course?

Defensive driving is the best method for safety. As such, it is an integral part of all lessons at Driven2Drive. Statistics show that drivers under the age of 16 are more likely to have accidents. Therefore, it is in their best interest to learn defensive driving skills as soon as possible and as well as possible. We teach defensive driving techniques in a simple, safe understandable way for new motorcyclists and vehicle drivers.

What Each Driving Lesson Offers

Types of Instructors per Request

Whether you're looking to learn how to drive a manual car or take a refresher course on an automatic car, you'll find the specialist you need with us. Caregivers, au pairs, and other professionals who need to drive extra carefully for work may choose to register for one of our occupational driving courses.

Some young drivers may feel more comfortable with female instructors. You can rest assured that we have plenty of excellent women on our team to help you begin your driving journey confidently. We also take pride in our excellent, diverse teams at all of our branches.


Our regular 2-hour driving lesson packages range from $175 (a refresher course on the day of the test) to $350.

Our core curriculum, ranging from $510-$675, includes:

  • 3 one-on-one sessions (2 hours each)
  • Basic safe driving techniques
  • Certificate of completion for an insurance company discount
  • Day of test service and road test at our facility

Our comprehensive curriculum, which ranges from $915-$1825, will help you become an expert driver with:

  • 5 or more one-on-one sessions (2 hours each)
  • Basic safe driving techniques
  • 20 hours behind the wheel
  • 30-hour driver’s ed theory class or one manual driving lesson
  • Highway driving
  • Defensive driving
  • Night driving
  • Certificate of completion for an insurance company discount
  • Day of test service and road test at our facility

We also provide a manual transmission short course which includes shorter lessons of 1.5-hour sessions ($195 - $575).

Our occupational driving course, which includes 2-hour driving lessons, ranges from $170-$480.

What to Expect

  • A calm, focused environment with top-notch facilities, including the use of our chic, new and clean Mini's if you so wish
  • Strict Covid protocols to ensure your health and wellbeing
  • Wonderful instructors who have received numerous fantastic reviews
  • DMV-certified road testing and booking facilities that have proven simpler, faster, and more convenient than DMV offices
  • A range of discounts on car insurance premiums when you or your teenager registers for professional driving lessons under your insurance plan

What You'll Learn

All of our classes cover aspects such as:

  • The art of accident avoidance
  • Emergency braking techniques
  • Vehicle checks and maintenance
  • Parallel parking, clutch control, and taking off on hills
  • Driving on freeways and interchanges vs. driving in suburbs
  • ... and much more!

Length of Sessions

Most of our sessions are 2 hours long, with the exception of the 1.5-hour classes in the occupational driving course and the short lesson in the refresher day-of course.

Insurance Discounts for Learner Drivers

There's another reason to register at our fully licensed driving school – saving money. Teenagers who take driving lessons can save money on their insurance or their parents' insurance premiums (if registered under their parents' service providers). Take a look at our comprehensive round-up of insurance discounts for learner drivers for more information.

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