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Getting Insurance Discounts Through Driving Lessons in PA

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Updated December 8, 2022.

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Enrolling in driving lessons with a local driving school can offer numerous benefits. One major perk is the opportunity to lower your monthly car insurance payment through driving courses. Driven2Drive, a reputable school with six locations, offers a wide range of courses that fulfill the requirements for driving school insurance discounts in PA. From courses covering basic defensive driving techniques to more advanced packages, we have suitable options for every driver’s needs.

Cost of New Driver Insurance in PA

New drivers in PA may be dismayed by the high cost of driving insurance in PA, which is about $1,203 per year for full coverage. If you pay monthly, full cover costs about $169. Minimum cover is available at $39 per month (or $473 per year). A driving school insurance discount can help, and this varies according to your vehicle, driving experience, and any disabilities. By taking a D2D driving course, you could save on your insurance costs by up to 20%, depending on your service provider, driving history, and how high your deductibles are.

Why Is PA Car Insurance So Expensive?

High Statistics

Statistically, the risk of car accidents in PA is quite high. In 2022, young drivers constitute 3.9% of drivers on the road in the USA and account for 6% of fatal car accidents. Fatal crashes are the 8th leading cause of death globally, and 90% of all motor vehicle crashes stem from user error.

Being out on the road will always have risks, and as a learner or new driver, having vehicle insurance is vital. Lack of confidence when driving can lead to a car accident, costing thousands of dollars in vehicle repairs.

Inexperienced Drivers = Higher Costs

As a teenager or new driver who doesn't have proven experience to show to an insurance company, your rates for insurance coverage are likely to be quite high. Traditionally, the number of years you have been driving counts for a reduction in your insurance fee, but extra driving training helps too.

Take a look at our guide on how to handle accidents with a learner's permit in PA.

Cut Costs

By including the Core Curriculum of driver education and defensive driving courses offered at Driven2Drive in your learner driver training, you'll lower your premiums significantly. You'll be killing two birds with one stone—getting an excellent driving course and saving money.

Get Insurance Discounts From Driver Training

There are several ways to lower your car insurance in PA. By completing D2D’s Core Curriculum, students become eligible for a driving lesson insurance discount.

The course includes:

  • Three one-on-one sessions (2 hours each) with one of our friendly, knowledgeable instructors
  • Hands-on practice of essential driving techniques (making turns, parking, navigating different types of intersections, etc.)
  • Day-of-test service and road testing at any of our locations

Depending on your insurance provider, completing this course is the minimum requirement to receive a car insurance discount. Discounts may vary from person to person or vehicle to vehicle, depending on several factors.

Insurance Discounts Apply to Teenagers and New Drivers

Teenagers and new drivers can receive significant discounts on insurance by taking driver education classes. These can also be improved with higher marks on their written exams and road tests (depending on the driving center). Lower your car insurance in PA with these tips.

Save Percentages on Premiums With Driver Training

You're probably wondering how much money driver’s ed saves on car insurance. This may vary, but we show what a difference driving school car insurance can offer in this example:

  • 20% deduction on $1,203, which is equal to $240
  • Annual payment on full coverage insurance with 20% deduction, which is equal to $963
  • This amount of under $1,000 per year is a good discounted price for full coverage that includes medical expenses
  • A minimum coverage fee may come in at $473 per year, which is equal to $379 with a 20% deduction

Check out our article on driving lessons for teenagers in PA to find the best professional driving schools near you.

Advanced Drivers Qualify for Insurance Deals

Older and more experienced drivers can also receive discounts for taking driving courses! If you're looking for driving lessons that go into further depth, we have several more advanced packages to choose from—including our Comprehensive and Custom Curriculum. These premium packages also include a certificate of completion that can be submitted for insurance savings.

Defensive Driving Courses for Insurance Discounts

Completing a defensive driving course will dramatically improve your safety (and the safety of your passengers) on the road. Simply put, defensive driving teaches you special driving techniques to handle any dangerous situations that may arise on the road with calmness, attentiveness, and focus. Being aware of your surroundings, other drivers, and hazards on the road can go a long way to keeping you safe and preserving your car. Defensive driving helps you anticipate other drivers’ mistakes.

By taking this kind of course, you'll also qualify for insurance deals. An insurance discount for driver's education makes a lot of sense; you've trained to be a better driver, so companies trust that you’re less likely to have an accident than those without this kind of training.

Remember, the younger you are, the higher your car insurance rates will be because of your lack of experience. Therefore, taking the opportunity to lower your costs from the moment you first start driving would be a wise move for new drivers.

Contact us to enroll in a defensive driving course. Driven2Drive is a top-rated professional driving school in Pennsylvania.

Achieve All Your Driving (and Budget!) Goals With Driven2Drive

Whether you are looking for the right driver's education course for you, or you just need to take your PA driving exam, the highly acclaimed Driven2Drive school is here to assist. Give us a call today at (610) 664-7400 or book online and get scheduled promptly for the service you need at your nearest Driven2Drive center.

We look forward to helping you drive safely and proactively while saving money on your car insurance!

Other Tips: Driver Techniques to Further Decrease Insurance Costs

The team of motor industry experts at Driven2Drive advises that there are numerous other ways to lower your monthly insurance cost, too. Here are a few more ideas that may help cut your insurance costs and assist your budget significantly:

  • Consistently drive well and drive safely
  • Obey the law and refrain from committing any violations
  • Maintain your vehicle by taking it for its roadworthy services before they are due
  • Keep your driver's license and registration up to date
  • If you have more than one car, you may be eligible for multi-car discounts
  • Drive shorter distances—the further you drive, the more you'll pay
  • Use a smaller, hybrid, or alternative fuel vehicle
  • Improve your credit rating

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