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Common Driving Test Questions to Help You Pass
Practical driving testCommon Driving Test Questions to Help You PassWhen preparing for your permit test, it's very useful to know what exact questions will be asked. The written exam is a vital part of your educational journey, preparing you for the road with all the relevant knowledge about laws, signs, and rules, as well as crucial information on learning to drive. This knowledge is then transferred to the road in your professional lessons, practice, and road test. If you achieve a high score on your permit test, you'll have a much greater chance of passing your practical driving exam. Common Driving Test Questions The permit test includes questions about signs and lane markings, important laws, and rules of the road. The rules of the road questions account for around two-thirds of the test. Below, we have compiled some of the most common driving test questions and their answers. BEFORE TURNING, YOU SHOULD: A. Use your signal B. Turn the wheel C. Increase your speed D. Change lanes The correct answer is A (use your signal). This is one of the most common and most important rules of the road, which prevents everything from tiny bumps to full-scale pile-ups. WHEN MAKING A RIGHT TURN ON A GREEN LIGHT, YOU MUST: A. Maintain normal driving speed B. Stop and look for oncoming traffic C. Yield to pedestrians D. Increase your normal driving speed The correct answer is C - yield to pedestrians. This might seem tricky because answer B (stop and look for oncoming traffic) also sounds correct. If you are wanting to turn but there is oncoming traffic driving through their own green light, you must wait or yield within the intersection, not stop completely. The word stop makes answer B incorrect. If you were to stop completely, you may cause a crash because there are cars coming behind you, following the green light. Another thing to note is that pedestrians always have the first right of way. This question is very important to know, understand and memorize, as failure to do so could result in harm to others. A FLASHING RED LIGHT AT A RAILROAD CROSSING MEANS: A. Stop, do not proceed until signals are completed B. Slow down and proceed if clear C. Proceed with caution D. You have the right-of-way The correct answer is A (Stop, do not proceed until signals are completed). A red flashing light at a railroad means that a train is on its way. Even if you look and don't see anything, the train may be advancing very fast or from around a corner. The answer to this question is essential knowledge - proceeding could cause a major accident involving many people and yourself. It is also important to know that in Pennsylvania, failure to stop at a road crossing is a cause for license suspension. Additional Tips for Preparing for Your Driving Test What to Take to the Testing Center Before we get into too much detail, your first point of call in making sure you're prepared is gathering the correct documents and fees. Failure to bring these will mean you are unable to take the test at all. Take a look at our short article on what to bring to your learner's permit test for all the relevant information. The Permit Test Format The test is in multiple-choice format and includes the following. We have included links to example test questions for each of these sections, taken directly from the PennDOT website. The answers can be found at the end of each document. Signs, signals, and pavement markings Learning to driveDriving Record Information How Much of the Permit Test Guide Do I Really Need to Know? PennDOT chooses 18 questions at random out of the 300 they have in their database. Remember, about two-thirds of the test contains questions on the rules of the road. Keep in mind that just because it's relatively short and presented in multiple-choice, doesn't mean it will be easy! It's vital that you study and know the 300 rules as any of them could be in the test - be prepared for anything and you'll ace the exam. Make sure to take a look at our comprehensive guide to preparing for your permit test, too. Let Us Help You Prepare We offer one-hour individual and group permit prep classes, as well as a full driver's ed theory course which utilizes the latest educational technology and presents you with a certificate upon completion. Book your class today and soon you'll be driving away.
Rescheduling Your Road Test in PA: What You Need to Know
Practical driving testRescheduling Your Road Test in PA: What You Need to KnowIf you've failed your road test, brought incorrect documents, or simply missed your driving exam appointment somehow, you'll need to reschedule. We'd like to make the process of re-booking as quick, easy, and convenient as possible with our how-to guide, compiled by licensed professionals based in PA. Reasons You Might Need to Reschedule Your Test You may be missing the correct documentation, you may bring an unlicensed or unroadworthy vehicle, or you may have made errors in the driving test and failed. If your driver's license expired more than two years ago, you will have to retake both the written and driving exams. If your license has been suspended, contact PennDOT to find out exactly what steps to follow to reinstate it, as every suspension situation is different. Drivers over the age of 45 are chosen at random by PennDOT to complete vision and fitness exams, and, in some cases, may be asked to repeat the driving or written test. For a full breakdown, take a look at our guide on when to retake your road test. Things to Consider When Rescheduling Your Road Test How Soon Can I Book My Next Pa Driving Test? After failing a driving test in PA, you will need to wait at least 7 days before taking the exam again (if you're under 18) or one day (if you're over 18). However, you can book your next driving test straight after your failed test (you will be at the center anyway). You may want to consider not booking another test for a very close date; the more practice time you have, the more likely you will be to pass. However, don't wait too long - keep in mind that your physical exam certificate is valid for three years after obtaining your learner's license. Our Tips Identify exactly where you went wrong in the test by obtaining your score sheet from your examiner. Try to address these things specifically, through lessons with a professional instructor (who will be able to provide plenty of tips and advice) as well as through practice on the roads and at parking bays, hills, and other relevant locations. Make sure that the licensed driver accompanying you in the car while you practice is someone you trust, and someone who will not distract you. What Happens if I Fail the Driving Test Numerous Times? You may only take the test a total of 3 times, after which you would need to apply for a learner's permit extension. Remember that the same documentation you took to your first test will be needed again and that your vehicle must be licensed and roadworthy, so make sure to organize these in due time. You may be wondering where to take your road test. Remember that it's always helpful to have a little knowledge of the area where you'll be doing your road test, beforehand. This is where using a third-party driver's license test like that at Driven2Drive can help. It will also shorten your waiting time for a booking. You can also book lessons with a qualified professional at the same center, to get you prepared. This will also allow you to get used to the yard where you'll perform your parallel parking and the route that you'd be taking in the test. Schedule your test now! How to Reschedule Your Road Test Reschedule at DMV or a third-party testing center (such as Driven2Drive or another center in your area, using the correct documentation). You can schedule your appointment at DMV online, with the online using the Online Driver's Test Scheduling Service, or by calling the Call Center at 1-800-932-4600. What to Bring to Your Next Road Test in PA You will need to bring the following documents: A valid learner's permitIf you are under 18, your Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C)Valid driver's license of the individual accompanying you to the test (who must be over 21 years of age)A document declaring you have passed your vision test at the PA DMVProof of vehicle insurance (You must present the original valid insurance card for the vehicle)Proof of vehicle registration (You must present the original valid registration card; a bill of sale is not acceptable) Make sure to take a look at our article on preparing for your test and our round-up of tips on how to pass your road test to help you ace your driving exam next time. Book your driving test with Driven2Drive now!
How to Avoid an Automatic Fail During a Driving Test in PA
Practical driving testHow to Avoid an Automatic Fail During a Driving Test in PAWhat is an automatic fail? An automatic fail during a driving test is a specific required action during the test which is not completed accurately. Learning for the driving test won't be complicated or difficult once you understand what is required, are receiving professional training, and are putting in enough practice time. We're here to help make your driving journey calm, simple, and convenient. How Many Mistakes Can You Make on the Driving Test The PA driver’s test scoring system is used to calculate points in the driving test. There is no particular number of mistakes that you can make; rather, each error adds points, and you must stay below a certain number of points. While two people might make the same error, they may earn different points for that error, as a higher number of points will be given the worse the error is. For example, if your wheel touches a curb lightly, you will receive fewer points than a person mounting the curb or creating damage to the curb or vehicle. Take a look at an example of an actual PA driving test score sheet here. Refer to the top of the page for the exact numbers you must avoid for each section. Common Driving Test Mistakes to Avoid Before the Test Even Starts Firstly, make sure to bring the correct documents - failure to do so will mean you are unable to even take the test. It's also essential that you bring a roadworthy and licensed vehicle - if you don't, you will not be allowed to perform a driver's test. During the Test Itself If you make any of the following mistakes, you may fail immediately: Mounting a curb (most frequently occurs during parallel parking)Rolling backward or forwardsIgnoring traffic laws (for example, if you drive through a red traffic light)Ignoring the examiner's instructionsNot being able to use the clutch or other parts of the vehicle correctly Not using your indicator SpeedingCausing an accident driving recklessly (this may include driving over an island or solid line; taking your eyes off the road; or not performing adequate checks before turning, for example). How to Avoid These Mistakes Acing your learner's license - getting a perfect or near-perfect score - will set you up for success. Understanding and knowing by heart all the rules or road, as well as the necessary checks for the test, is an excellent first step in ensuring you'll pass.Drive and practice in a reliable, roadworthy car so that you can take the test in the same car you practised in.Take as many professional lessons as you can afford, and listen carefully to the instructor while in a lesson.Make sure the licensed driver with you in the vehicle while you practice is someone you trust, who will not distract you or encourage you to drive incorrectly.Get plenty of practice before your test - and not only at the last minute. Identify your weaknesses or errors you seem to make often, and address these with the assistance of your driving coach and through practice.Make sure you are in a calm, focused state of mind while in a driving lesson and while practicing.Incorporate techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness, and visualization exercises to help relieve stress and dispel any anxiety (and remember you're not alone - many new drivers experience anxiety - and your driving teacher is supporting you all the way).Master the tricky and vital parts of the test such as parallel parking and clutch control on a hill. One of the most common places where new drivers fail during the PA test is in the parallel parking section. Before you go to your test, make sure that you understand the parallel parking test rules well, have practiced sufficiently, and feel completely comfortable performing parallel parking. What Do Examiners Look For During a Driving Test? Essentially, examiners want to see that you understand and are able to operate the vehicle correctly; that you are not an irresponsible or lawless driver; and that you have had enough practice to be comfortable and drive safely without making errors by mistake. Remember, examiners are not out to get you - they are simply doing their jobs to keep the road as safe as possible for all citizens. For more insight and tips on the exam, have a look at our articles on what to expect during the PA driving test and how to pass the PA driver’s test. Ready to get driving? Book your lesson now to get the professional support you need to ace your PA driving test.
Scoring System on PA Driver’s Test Explained
Practical driving testScoring System on PA Driver’s Test ExplainedThe PA drivers' exam doesn't have to be stressful. With some training and good practice, you'll feel confident and have no trouble acing the test. Taking the driving test is the next step after you've secured your permit. You're going to be out on the road, so we've put together some information to help you get more comfortable. What to Know Before Taking Your Driving Test in PA You are required to make a booking by calling PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services. Certain third-party businesses such as Driven2Drive are also certified by PennDOT to administer the road test. Ensure you have all the relevant documents and that your car is up to the necessary requirements (roadworthy). Your vehicle must have working lights, brakes, windshield wipers, turn signals, mirrors, doors, and tires. You will be asked to show that these parts are in working order - make sure you know how to operate them. When you arrive at the DMV center, there is no need to drive inside; you can pull straight into the test area - someone will come out to meet you and check your documents. Scoring of a Driver's Test in PA To pass, you must have no more than 3 errors marked for Items 9-14 under Pre-Drive Checklist, no marks in the Critical Driving Error Section, and no more than 15 errors marked for the Scoring Maneuvers. Have a look at the score sheet sample here. Immediate Disqualifications (Critical Driving Error Section) Doing anything that means the instructor has to intervene for safety reasons Striking an object or curb Disobeying traffic signs or signalsDisobeying safety personnel or safety vehicles Any kind of dangerous maneuver Excessive speeding Auxillary equipment useLane violations Other things that will likely result in a failure: Failing to follow instructions given by the examinerNot using turn signalsCausing a crashInability to operate any vehicle controls What Is the Pass Requirement for Your Driving Test in PA? A driving performance evaluation score involves points added for mistakes in the test, so you want to get a low number. The PA driver's test point system means that errors add points based on severity. What You Can Expect From Your Driving Test PA Driver's Test Parallel Parking As defined by the DMV: Park your vehicle midway between two uprights in a space that is 24 feet long and 8 feet wide. Your entire vehicle must be completely inside the space, and you cannot make contact with any of the uprights to the rear or front of your vehicle, cross over the painted line, or go up onto or over the curb. You have one attempt to successfully park your vehicle using no more than three adjustments. You are not allowed to hit the curb while performing parallel parking. However, in some cases, if you touch the curb but don't roll over it, you might get some points added for not parallel parking correctly or for hitting the curb too forcefully, but you may still pass. If you have a self-parking vehicle, you may use it; the self-parking feature must be turned off while doing the test. 3 Point Turn A three-point turn is used when the road is too narrow for a U-turn. This is one of the turns you must perform in the test (the other two being a U-Turn and 2-point turn). Make sure you follow the advice of your instructor and get enough practice. This is the most common error in the test! NOTE: Be careful as you leave the parking lot! As you are leaving the DMV, you may come across a stop sign before exiting onto the road. You need to stop at this sign and not roll backward - if you roll, that is an automatic failure. Further on Road Tests A range of skills will be tested in the PA driver's exam, with special attention paid to the way you approach and obey traffic signs, stop lights, and intersections. The examiner will also note how you control the car and check that you're driving with the right posture. Safe Driving Is the Best Way to Pass Prepare well for all three sections of the observational practical driving test: knowing your way around the vehicle, performing parallel parking and turns, and driving well on the road. If you can follow the basics and have put in enough practice time, you won't have a problem passing your PA driver's exam with flying colors. Book your lessons and PA driver's exam with us now.
Can You Take Your Driver's Test in a Stick Shift?
Practical driving testCan You Take Your Driver's Test in a Stick Shift?When gearing up for your PA driver's exam, you might have questions about what you'll be tested on and how you'll be scored. In addition, some students wonder: Can you take your drivers test in a stick shift vehicle? The answer is, absolutely! – as long as you're totally comfortable with this type of driving. With six conveniently placed locations throughout Greater Philly, Driven2Drive is here to help you excel in your preferred driving style and get licensed whenever you're ready. Read on to learn more about our automatic & manual transmission driving lessons and testing services. Can You Take Your Driver's Test in a Stick Shift? At Driven2Drive, we prioritize making our students feel at ease, in addition to emphasizing road safety, fairness and convenience. Whether you come to us for driver's ed, your road test or both, our staff will go the extra mile to make your experience pleasant, interactive and stress free.  As part of our commitment to ensuring our students' comfort while helping them succeed, we have both automatic and manual transmission MINI Coopers available for driving lessons and road testing. In fact, we highly recommend that students learn to drive stick shift. Here are a few reasons why: Enjoy greater control over your vehicle's speed & handlingAvoid distracted driving Qualify for professional driving occupationsBe prepared for emergencies & driving abroad An important note: While our answer to “can you take your drivers test in a stick shift?” is yes, we only recommend testing in a manual vehicle if you have extensive experience with this driving style. Testing in an automatic car may be preferable for many students. Master Your Preferred Driving Style with Our Friendly Team  Whether you are eager to add stick shift driving to your list of skills, or you'd like to stick with automatic driving, Driven2Drive is here to support you in reaching your goals! Our friendly accredited instructors offer one-on-one lessons in both automatic and manual transmission driving. When you're ready to take your test, we'll arrange for you to do so in whichever type of vehicle you feel most comfortable operating. To learn more about our convenient, student-focused services and get scheduled at your nearest Driven2Drive location in as little as two days, call us today at 610-664-7400.
Norristown DMV Drivers Test Options
Practical driving testNorristown DMV Drivers Test OptionsAfter you’ve practiced driving in many different scenarios, passing your road test is the final item you must complete to get your PA driver’s license. Unfortunately, students commonly report feeling uneasy about this part, for fear that taking their Norristown DMV drivers test will be a stressful experience. Determined to make the process as convenient & pleasant as possible, Driven2Drive offers the premier way for greater Philadelphia area student drivers to get licensed. Read on to learn about the advantages of forgoing the DMV in favor of our PennDOT-certified third-party license testing center! Norristown DMV Drivers Test Options Many students are unaware that in PA, it’s possible to get licensed through an authorized 3rd party instead of going to the local DMV. So, what are the perks of taking this alternate route to obtaining your driver’s license? Consider some of the major benefits Driven2Drive is known to offer its students: We value your time. We know that waiting in line is no fun, and neither is waiting months to get an appointment for your road test. Additionally, we recognize that getting licensed can be a pressing need. With this in mind, we work hard to get all of our students scheduled ASAP – generally within just a few days! There’s no doubt that our fast & flexible scheduling beats the DMV, where extended backlogs are the norm.We go the extra mile to support you. Our team of friendly bilingual instructors is committed to helping every student reach their goals. Emphasizing customer service alongside safety & objectivity, we do everything in our power to make the license test experience a positive one. Considering these advantages, it’s no wonder why Driven2Drive is the Philly area’s student-preferred permit/license testing center – plus a top-rated provider of drivers ed courses! What Do Our Students Have to Say? As a customer-driven business, we are all about helping our students become confident, safe drivers – while striving to keep stress out of the equation. This testimonial from Nathan V. exhibits our commitment to student success: “The people are so nice and very welcoming. They give amazing instructions on the drivers test and the people who are with you in the car make you feel comfortable. They explain everything perfectly. A beautiful place to go for your drivers test!” Ace Your Norristown DMV Drivers Test at Driven2Drive Is getting licensed on your to-do list for 2020? Whenever you feel ready to take your PA road test, Driven2Drive will be here to help you get on the road. Give us a call at 610-664-7400, and we’ll get you scheduled ASAP at one of our six convenient locations!
What to Expect on Your Driving Test in PA
Practical driving testWhat to Expect on Your Driving Test in PAJust like mastering any new skill, learning to drive takes practice, time, and patience. Once you’ve aced your permit test and put in the hours to learn and develop safe driving habits, your final mission is to pass your road test. As you gear up for this exciting last step to achieve your license, knowing how to prepare for your driving test will calm any nervousness you may be feeling. In this article, we delve into what you can expect when you take your test at one of Driven2Drive’s PennDOT-certified third-party license centers or the DMV. Passing Your Road Test in PA Here are some of our quick top tips for passing your driver's license test the first time: While driving and while stopped at traffic lights or intersections, maintain a safe, appropriate distance from the vehicle in front of you and consider the current road conditions (extra space may be needed).Stay centered in your lane while driving.Follow the proper procedures when changing lanes according to the road manual and defensive driving techniques.Pay attention to your speed, always staying within the posted limits.Stop, slow down, and accelerate smoothly.Navigate different types of intersections, including traffic lights and four-way stops, carefully.Share the road with pedestrians and cyclists according to the state's official guidelines.Demonstrate mastery of perpendicular and parallel parking. You might also want to take a look at our more in-depth guide to preparing for your driving test and our other more extensive round-up of tips to help you pass. What to Avoid During Your Test in PA It's important to remember that the driving test is not purposefully designed to be difficult or to catch you out, but it will test every situation that you might experience on the road to determine how well you handle them. That being said, there are several different ways that you can fail your PA driver's license test. Before the test begins, not bringing all the correct documents or attempting to use an unlicensed or unroadworthy vehicle will prohibit you from taking the test and will count as a failure. Some other causes for immediate failure within the drivers' test include: Dangerous drivingNot obeying traffic laws (such as stopping at red traffic lights)Not following the examiner's instructionsMounting a curbNot being able to operate your car properly The PA driving test uses a point system to determine your abilities. Each error you make will earn you a number of points depending on how bad the error is. You need to remain below a certain amount to pass the test. For more info, read our guide: Scoring System on PA Driver’s Test Explained. What Happens Once You Schedule Your Test? When you opt to schedule your third party driving test at Driven2Drive, here’s what you can expect: Fast, flexible scheduling with appointments typically available in as little as two days and extended testing hours added as needed to meet student demand.A personalized testing experience focused on making you feel comfortable and confident with guidance from one of our friendly bilingual examiners.Testing in your choice of a manual or automatic MINI Cooper (provided by our facility at extra cost if you do not have your own vehicle to use).Objective and thorough evaluation of your driving skills with the entire exam video and audio recorded, enabling you to easily identify problem areas in your driving.Access to our relaxing, state-of-the-art customer lounge to help ease any nerves before the test.Rescheduling your driving test is also made easy at Driven2Drive. Requirements for Your Driving Test in PA The requirements for your PA driving test involve a list of driver requirements, such as certain documents that you must bring, as well as vehicle requirements. Driver Requirements Before being allowed to take your driver's license test, you'll first have to obtain your learner's permit. If you are under 18, wait at least 6 months and log at least 65 hours behind the wheel (at least 10 at night and 5 in bad weather). This will get you a junior driver's license that comes with more restrictions than a graduated driver's license. Your junior driver's license automatically becomes a graduated driver's license when you turn 18, or you can upgrade it after 1 year if you meet certain requirements. Aside from this, the documents you need to bring to your driver's license test include: Valid learner's permitIf you are under 18, your Parent or Guardian Certification Form (DL-180C)Valid driver's license of the individual accompanying you to the test (who must be over 21 years of age)A document declaring you have passed your vision test at the PA DMV. Vehicle Requirements If you schedule your driver's test with Driven2Drive, you will be allowed to use one of our clean, sanitary, and chic new MINI Coopers (with manual or automatic transmission) that are licensed and insured to remove some of the stress from your shoulders. If you don't use one of our vehicles, you will need to provide proof of the original vehicle insurance and registration; printed copies and the bill of sale are not acceptable. The car you choose to use for your test must be in good working order; remember that the instructor will test various aspects of the vehicle before you start (such as the lights, horn, wheels, and several other parts). What Happens at a Pre-Test in a Driving Test in PA? The pre-test will consist of your instructor ensuring that you can operate all the necessary parts of your motor vehicle. They will usually stand outside and ask you to operate the following mechanisms: All lights (including parking brake and hazard lights)HornFront and back windshield wipersDefroster Complete Your Road Test Quickly & Easily With Driven2Drive Are you seeking the fastest and most convenient way to get your license in PA? We are known for our short queues. With testing time slots typically available in as little as two days, we work overtime to get our students scheduled as quickly as possible. Driven2Drive also offers you a wonderfully hassle-free and comfortable driver's test. We at Driven2Drive are invested in our students’ comfort and success, and we go the extra mile to make your journey pleasant and stress-free. When you choose us as your license testing destination, you’ll be matched with a friendly, accredited examiner. Our flexible scheduling—combined with our unwavering commitment to customer service—makes us the preferred destination for license testing in the Greater Philly, Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester Counties. To get scheduled at the Driven2Drive location closest to you, send us a message or give us a call today at (610) 664-7400!
PennDOT Certified Same Day Driving Test in PA
Practical driving testPennDOT Certified Same Day Driving Test in PAGetting licensed as quickly as possible is a priority for many students. After the learning process and the driving practice, those who feel ready for the test prefer to take a same-day driving test after their last lesson. With this in mind, Driven2Drive is proud to provide the fastest, most flexible license testing in Greater Philadelphia. At our six PennDOT-certified locations throughout Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties, we strive to get our students scheduled very promptly for driving lessons and license testing–typically within just a few days. Keep reading to learn all about why we’re the most convenient place to get your PA driver’s license! What to Expect in Your Same-Day Road Test in PA At Driven2Drive, we know that every student has different needs. So, we offer a variety of packages to suit every new driver! By the time you have to take your driving test in PA, you should be able to drive the car smoothly and calmly, obey the rules of the road, and be aware of the safety of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. All of these take some practice–the final two-hour driving lesson is usually not enough, but it is a great refresher to prepare you for the same-day test. You can expect to have to demonstrate driving in traffic and on the open road, doing parallel and perpendicular parking, and knowing the rules about traffic intersections. If you want to know how long the driving test takes, be prepared for up to 90 minutes of testing. You will also be tested on your awareness of defensive driving, so it is assumed that you will know how to drive defensively. With guidance from a friendly, accredited Driven2Drive examiner, you’ll demonstrate your safe driving skills on a PennDOT-approved testing route. Same-Day Driving Test Package Options in PA For maximum convenience, we offer a Hybrid package that allows you to take a two-hour driving lesson and your driving test on the same day. If you like, you may also add a road test to any of the packages at a discounted price. If you choose the same-day driving test, it is advisable to add it to a defensive driving course (a package that also includes same-day license testing). Many of our premium packages come with day-of-test services, including a short refresher lesson. Take Your Road Test on the Same Day as Your Final Driving Lesson It may take you two days to get an appointment for your test, whereas with other driving schools you may have to wait more than 30 days. This is why we encourage you to opt for a package that allows same-day testing. Receiving Your License on the Same Day as Your Test We offer license testing as a standalone service at all six of our locations! And you receive your license immediately on the day of your test. This cuts out all waiting periods and helps you get onto the road as a licensed driver immediately after passing the test—after your last lesson! Visit Us for All Your Driver's Ed & License Testing Needs! Whether you come to us for your road test, a driving course or both, you can count on our team at our road test centers for outstanding customer service. While the DMV can be a wildcard–especially in these uncertain times, rest assured that you won’t have to endure long waiting times or long queues when you drive with us. We can schedule a test for you right away. To deal with the backlog of learner drivers wanting to get tested, we’re adding extended hours and additional personnel at our road test centers as needed. The same-day test after the last lesson is the quickest way to get your license. Ready to get scheduled right away for your road test or hands-on driving lessons? Call Driven2Drive today at 610-664-7400!
Prepping for Your Driver's Test in Delaware County
Practical driving testPrepping for Your Driver's Test in Delaware CountyAfter getting your learner's driving permit and devoting many hours to driving practice, passing your road test is the last step to achieving your PA driver’s license. Unfortunately, many students may feel stressed about taking the practical driving test. Firstly, they worry they’ll have to wait weeks or even months to take their Delaware County driving test, and that when they finally do, it will be an unpleasant experience. Luckily, these concerns need not apply when you choose to test with Driven2Drive. In the actual test, you will be tested on your driver's ed knowledge and your knowledge of your car, but most importantly, on your practical driving technique and safe driving skills, which you must demonstrate in the practical road test. How to Prepare for Your Driver’s Test Make sure you pass your PA driver's test with adequate training and practice and come prepared with all the necessary documents. You must be over 18 and ready to drive either a MINI Cooper provided by Driven2Drive or your own car for the test. By using our Delaware driving school, you will be able to have a preparatory drive on the Delaware road test route in a D2D car (or your own vehicle if it is insured) accompanied by one of our professional driving instructors. You should also have consolidated your knowledge from Delaware's driver's ed course at Driven2Drive and polished your driving skills with plenty of practice, preferably for more than the minimum 65 hours. Prepping for your driving test doesn't have to be stressful or complicated. What to Expect in Your PA Driver’s Test Knowing what to expect gives you extra confidence. The skills described below are some of the skills you should manage confidently for your Delaware driver's test: Maintaining a safe following distanceStaying centered in your lane while turningChanging lanes safely after the necessary checks and signals Driving smoothly, especially when stopping or startingObeying all traffic signs and rules for intersectionsRespecting the safety of pedestrians and cyclistsPerpendicular and parallel parkingBacking upCompleting a three-point turn Tips for Passing Your Driver’s Test If you're aiming to pass the test on your first try, don't push to pass at the earliest available date. Rather, to be sure to pass your PA driver's test, book a date that allows you a realistic amount of time to prepare. Make sure to bring all the relevant documents, or else you could fail before you get into the car. Here are some additional tips: Be comfortable in your practice car.Know the functioning parts of your car.Be confident.Put in as many hours as it takes to be ready. Try to master parallel parking. Why Complete Your Delaware County Driving Test With Us? Unlike the DMV, we won’t keep you waiting around. Our dedicated staff will get you scheduled as quickly as possible—typically in just a few days! You can take your test in our MINI Cooper at one of our six convenient locations, and our friendly bilingual examiners will make sure you feel at ease throughout the process. As the saying goes: A satisfied customer is the best kind of advertising there is! For us, this isn’t just a slogan. Making our customers happy is our starting point, alongside helping them develop lifelong safe driving skills and confidence behind the wheel. Here are a few reviews we’ve received from students who have come to us for their Delaware County driving test: “I took my driver’s exam today. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am for choosing this school. All the drivers are patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Sam gave great tips on how to nail parallel parking, and John was absolutely amazing at bringing everything together for me. I passed on my first try! Thank you, Driven2Drive!!!!!” - Shantell T.“I wish I had come here before I went to the DMV. The lady at the front desk was great while checking me in. The instructor was awesome in making me feel comfortable in the car and during the test. I would highly recommend Driven2Drive. Worth the money.” - Katrina G.“This place has great customer service and great appointment scheduling. You’re able to get a road test within a week’s time of calling. Way better than PennDOT’s time. The instructors are awesome. I took the 2-hour refresher course plus the road test and passed. I recommend this place to my family members when they’re ready to get their license.” - Alycia B. Schedule Your Delaware County Driving Test Today! Are you eager to cross “get licensed” off your to-do list? Driven2Drive is here to help you succeed! To get scheduled promptly for your road test or driving lessons at one of our six locations throughout Philly, Chester, Montgomery and Delaware Counties, call us today at (610) 664-7400.

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